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Welcome to Manikganj Municipality, Manikganj Ph: 7710403, 7710572, 7710813 Mobile No: 01711609468, Fax: 02-7711080, email: manikganj_municipality@

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Administration of the government of the people's Republic of Bangladesh. Ministry of Public Administration is primarily responsible for  management of public administration. We hope that, the users of this site will be able to utilize the information they want as a citizen, or just to meet curiosity and for any other purposes. This site provides basic information about the structure of this Ministry, activities of this Ministry and it also provides link to the various ministries of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. This site will help you to understand the way government is functioning in Bangladesh and the efforts of this Ministry towards fulfilling the aspirations of the citizens of Bangladesh and our global commitments. We appreciate your thoughtful feedback and suggestions.

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