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Welcome to Manikganj Municipality, Manikganj Ph: 7710403, 7710572, 7710813 Mobile No: 01711609468, Fax: 02-7711080, email: manikganj_municipality@

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Manikganj Pourashava is now an “A” Category, which was established in 1958.The ULB has an area of 42.50 sq. km, divided into 9 wards with a total population of 1,20,000 and the numbers of households are 12,000. Population density and the average household size are 1,236 per sq. km and 4.5 respectively.

Manikganj is located about 64 km west of Dhaka district and is well connected with different parts of the country by National Highway 5 and river Kaliganga, a branch of the mighty Padma.

There are no major industrial and manufacturing establishments within the Manikganj Poura Area. However, there is a wholesale market for agricultural products. Other business includes husking mills, flourmills, oil mills, saw mills, poultry farms, cold storage, piciculture schemes and brickfields. A BSCIC sponsored industrial town was established along Dhaka-Aricha N-5 national highway, outside the Pourashava.Moreover, there are a number of industrial units namely Monno Fabrics, Monno Ceramics, Akij Partex, Textile, Packaging and Tobacco manufacturing Company. The town has a good range of small scale manufacturing and service enterprises such as repairing shops for rickshaw, construction industry, furniture and metal work units, electrical and mechanical repair workshops. The major agricultural and horticultural products include rice, potato, wheat, lentils, maize, jackfruits, papaya, chilly, sweet potato, spinach, sweet gourd, gourd, bitter gourd, bean, egg plant, cucumber, banana
and wax apple. Moreover, good quality milk and milk products including ghee (clarified butter) and sweetmeats are produced in the locality.

Manikganj is a culturally rich and diverse of traditions and heritage contributed by both Muslims and Hindus. Many poor women are involved in income generating activities including poultry rearing, beef fattening, piciculture an d biri (locally prepared cigarettes) making. Some women are involved in embroidery works, which caters to the requirement of Arong, handicraft sale center of BRAC, a leading NGO. The name Manikganj oringinates from the eminent personality Manik who was a spiritual saint of the locality.

Manikganj Pourashava has a piped municipal water supply system with 05 PTWs, 01 water treatment plants, one iron removal plant, 01 overhead tank and 10 street hydrants. Some 4,500 households through 84 km of lines avail municipal water supply system’s benefit, which is about 33% of the total households. There are some 1,227 hand tubewells owned by the municipality, which cover some 11% of the households, and an unknown number of HTWs owned by individual households serve the rest of the population.